From the time I was in 3rd grade, I always played with hair; my own and anyone else who would allow. I practiced cutting on my two baby brothers, and eventually, my trusting dad and mom. On Saturday evenings, I would often pin curl my mom’s friend’s hair, and thought nothing of doing kitchen hair whenever the occasion arose!

In my early 20’s, I was constantly being called on to do cousins’ and friends’ hair, especially for their weddings, so I decided that I would get a license and begin my new career. Within 3 years, I opened my first salon, Mane St. Hair Expressions on Hendricks Avenue, and had the opportunity to employ many talented stylists. As a native of Jacksonville, and with a wide expanse of friends and acquaintances, I built a great clientele in a short time. I went on to own Profiles on Baymeadows Road and now have bought Salon d’Orsay in Mandarin.

I am a real stickler for education, excellent client service and pushing personal limits. I love having new and building stylists in my salon, and feel it is a real gift to be able to offer them the benefits of the 40 years I have been in this excellent business. My statement to all new employees is, “I am less concerned about your comfort than I am about our clients’, and I expect the same from you.” My philosophy is, a client will stay with someone who treats them well because of the level of service they experience. Conversely, you can offer the best hairstyle, but if you do not treat people with respect and dignity, they will eventually leave and go elsewhere. From designer coffee to homemade snacks to pristine cleanliness, I am constantly looking for new ways to pamper our clientele during their visit to the salon.

My Challenge

I am always looking for the newest and best techniques. While I do not necessarily adopt every trend that comes our way, I do keep my mind open to learning new ways of transforming hair. I suppose you could say my passion is to guide the client to the best look for her own individual style. Oftentimes, it takes quite a bit of persuasion to convince a client that her tried and true style is no longer working, and for me, that is the ultimate goal. I want each person to leave my salon feeling that she looks her best, and is also able to reproduce the hairstyle at home.

My Passion

I love hair color! I love how it can enhance a beautiful complexion, and bring out the drama or softness in a woman’s face. As a hair color educator, I have the opportunity to introduce other stylists to the high quality product we offer, as well as sharing cutting edge techniques in both styling and hair color. A friend in the business told me something that has stuck with me for many years, and I have adopted it as my guideline when choosing color. She said, “Good haircolor looks good on the person who’s wearing it. Great haircolor becomes part of the person who’s wearing it.” Seeing the underlying tones in a woman’s face, and then choosing a color to compliment it is the key to moving from one who colors hair to a Color Specialist. If the color is off, then her entire look suffers, but when the right tone is introduced, the effect is truly transforming. I will never quit taking and offering in-salon classes and improving my skills with coloring!

My Experience

I have done a few magazine covers since that time, have also written a monthly beauty and question/answer column for a local publication, handled fashion shows, bridal shows, given makeover classes to women’s groups and entered many hair competitions. Each of these endeavors not only gave me confidence in my abilities, they also gave me the desire to continually improve myself, both personally and professionally.

The Staff

I am very selective about who works at Salon d’Orsay. I have always believed in the team approach, from the most advanced stylist to the woman who cleans the salon. I have been blessed throughout my career to have worked with some of Jacksonville’s most talented hair, nail and skin care specialists, and I am fortunate that several of my former co-workers and employees now working at Salon d'Orsay. There is an atmosphere of consideration among the staff that is seldom seen in salons, and under no circumstances does anyone elevate themself above the others. fWe are truly a family; a team.

We truly want our clients to be in the right chair, even if it means leaving one of us in order to try another. Our clients know they are free to go to different stylists until they have found the right person to handle their hair. Because of the high level of talent in our salon, we have all bases covered, and there truly is someone for everyone.

Skin, Nail Care and Massage Therapy

Part of our day spa includes the latest in skin and nail care and fantastic massages. 

The staff in the spa area are all professionally certified and trained in the different aspects of skin and nail care and massage therapy. When you call to schedule your spa package, we will explain the different assortment of services available.

I hope you take the time to check out each stylist’s bio, and notice the expanse of experience and talent in our salon. This is a wonderful group of talented, professional and considerate men and women, and I am fortunate to have them as part of our team.

Lastly, I am available anytime to talk to you about anything, from comments about the salon, to recommending the right stylist for you. Call me at 904-288-8899, or stop by and visit anytime.



Mary Toney



Phone: 904.288.8899